Anthony Williams

Time wait on no one by Anthony Williams

Hi every body I want to share a few things with the free world.
I’ve been locked up since 2015 and I have lost 5 family members. I know sad right.
It just make me think I wish I could have loved on them more before their time was up.However I realize I need to do better when it come to loving on my family. So with that being said if some one is trying to love on me before it’s to late hit me up.I am a good man who just made some bad decision in life. I’ve learned my lesson. I am a God Fearing man.I enjoy working out and cooking. Also I have attach a picture with this blog.So if you like what you hear and see I’m open to correspond back in forth. My name is Anthony Williams my number is 722-707 address is Po.Box 45699 Lucasville Ohio 45699.God Bless you and have a good day.

Anthony Williams
DOC #722-707


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