Tyreis Friend

Going Pink, by Tyreis Friend

Damn you brave. Stepping UP to such a devastation making a statement to never back DOWN. Your strength and faith is an inspiration to every woman in a similar situation around. The treatments, the surgeries and lengthy recoveries wondering if beauty will stick around a while longer. All of which takes a superhero to break as your beauty will only get stronger. I survey the survivors and I realize the wonder woman inside them. Right where the fight began. I commend you O mighty Warrior. For being strong and taking a stand. It’s all apart of blowing up the breast cancers plan. As supporters continue to raise awareness and the spirits of those who have it. We keep them up in prayer and help them shuffle through the madness. Leaving a lasting impression of a Victor on a brink. For this is time that I would never mind going Pink.
A contribution for breast cancer awareness month. You don’t realize the importance of supporting others going through it until it hits closer to home. R.I.P Ms. Lynn. Get well soon Ms. Dori.

Tyreis Friend
DOC #453-975


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