Kalob Gray

The Struggle by: Kalob Gray

I sit here behind these walls and watch the news & television programs and I’m sick of seeing the media pumping anti-white propaganda!! Everywhere you turn things are turned into a racial issue!! I see this black lives matter movement and the hatred it spews yet nothing is said! I see that in our society you can be any race and say I’m proud to be black, brown, or any other color and you’re said to be in touch with your heritage, but as soon as you say you’re proud to be white you’re a racist!! It’s okay to sit and bash white people but don’t dare be a white person and make a comment about any other race you’ll be crucified!! If we looked around we’d see quickly that the media whether TV, newspapers, or the internet are the ones that keep racism alive!! The reality of our country is we are all mutts and mixed race people are the future!! It’s time that people own their shit and quit making excuses!! Like the crap over this guy Michael Brown and how it caused riots, ARE YOU SERIOUS!? This guy just done a strong armed robbery and when confronted by police he tried to grab the cops gun, this guy is an idiot!! If we are going to start a movement there has to be a better catalyst than this incident!! More whites are killed every year by police than any other race, but you don’t see this brought up!! I am proud to be white and think that every single person should be proud of their race regardless what it is!! People take one look at me and instantly judge me but that’s life!! I hear blacks complain about being discriminated against, but they do the same shit!! Blacks always use the race card if they don’t get something in their favor!! The slave crap needs to be dropped EVERY race has been enslaved at one point or another!! And it wasn’t like we went to Africa and snatched you up it was the stronger tribes that conquered the weaker ones and then capitalized on it!! Read a history book about ANY race and you’ll see slavery, am I to complain about what the Egyptians done? People, if you don’t like our country leave!! I have a grandson that’s mixed and if someone disrespects him from either side I will defend him! I hope that his parents will raise him to be proud of who HE is and embrace his heritage on both sides of his family!! I think that until everyone recognizes that the ONLY difference our government sees is how much income one makes we’ll stay divided!!!

Kalob Gray
DOC #637-976

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