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Note: I would like to thank my mother for her help with newsworthy shares and I would like to thank miss Thompson at A.C.I ,she was my recovery teacher. and is a very nice lady who is willing to do more than what is required for helping…They both helped me to get here and there to find a way to write publicly…and a thanks to this site and the lady willing to spend her time running it.

A Girl and Neptune

Sara: Sum somnium solus…Mundus non earth..Venio mini
( I am in the dream alone,not earth…come to me)
Travis: Evoco noctis vacuo…Transitus, mors umbra..
( I call upon the night void…i must travel deaths shadow)
Sara: Professor Einstein’s docrtrina gravitas,lucis transitus, Ruv-1/2guR=8Tuv-/\guv

I don’t think the brain came in the manner of Darwinian evolution… Simple mechanism can’t yield the brain…life force is a primitive element of the universe and it obeys certain laws of action.These laws are not simple and not mechanical.
– Kurt Godel

Some where in the direction of Leo constellation across several light years of space, a girl lay dreaming in her room,upon a earth-like planet.It will be the last dream she has,with that particular brain..Unbeknownst to her,it begins its final death throes…The lingering electrical activity transpires as a last strange lucid dream.What passes as a brief second in the outside world,stretches out in a time dilation phenomenon within this otherworldly experience as she unknowingly transcends beyond her previous life.Her head rest against a soft pillow with her gaze fixed upon the frame of the window which holds the apparition of the moon.As the electrical activity quietly sparkles, nonmechanical activity continues.
The girl opens her eyes.She recalls one of the dreams about him,about the boy that claimed he was from another world.She attempts again to feel the pleasant feeling it had produced.She momentarily felt a fleeting emotion,but it quickly dissipated. She sits up and swings her legs over the edge of the bed and peers into the dark room.She feels excited thinking about him.He has haunted her dreams for years.Sometimes they are both young children again, running about on adventuresome excursions, sometimes they are both young adults walking along a exotic night time landscape of some beautiful moon,talking solemnly about life and its strange stories.
In an earlier dream ,they debated about who was real and who was not.He always claims he is an actual sentient being from a star called the sun and a planet Earth.But she has to explain to him that that he must merely be a phantom of her mind,for it is she that is a true being alive upon a world whirling about a star,she is only dreaming.
He ask her “what is it you last remember?”
She smiles ” I remember floating above my planet.The silence and darkness are profound.I next recall hearing a crackling static and seeing strange blue lights.”
He says he remembers the lights.He began to open his mouth to continue to speak but went quiet,his mouth opened in a silenced O.She realized the dream was dissolving and watched in dismay as he and her were separated by the stretching of space and time.
She still sits on the edge of her bed,her head tilted back,trying to imagine his face and voice,but is startled by a noise.Her heart races and pounds in her chest as a dreadful fear creeps over her with a chill.She becomes vividly aware of the room around her being engulfed by a pervasive buzzing dark.It seems to be being swallowed by an eclipsing shadow sweeping across the sky.
She stands up and begins to see the soft eerie glower of blue-violet light of the moon return.But it now seems to struggle to spill into the darkened space.It seems to hover about the window frame illuminating an entrance to some surreal world,beckoning to her to enter where she might get lost forever in some alien realm.
she hears the noise again and immediately walks toward the shimmering opening.She stands there confused and frightened,looking. back toward the small confined space where a past life sits in a picturesque still image burning into her mind.A terrible sadness overwhelms her with a sense of loss,that once she leaves the room,she will never see it or her family and friends again.
Sara sees something in her peripheral vision over by her bed.She notices a small curled up figure huddled under the blanket.At first she is curious,but then senses something is wrong.A sick feeling strikes her stomach.Then she sees a sinister shadow standing next to her bed.
Now a violent shudder sweeps through her body.She is momentarily paralyzed with fear,but then turns to slip out the window.She feels immediate relief once she has gotten far enough away from the house.As she walks her bare feet stomps down upon the dewy grass.She is hardly aware that she has come close to the spot.Out of breath,she finally reaches the rocks.
There are three of them,sitting in front of a small orchard and next to a flower bed.This is the place where they first met in the dream.Many more dreams would occur here.She is staring down at the rock he sits against.She becomes aware of the intense smell of moisture and grass in the spring air.There is the scent of burning wood and chirping insects.Off in the distance nocturnal birds morosely sing.Lightning flashes in the far off sky.This is the scean from the the first dream.He had told her how he loves these things while they sat and talked.leaning against tne rocks they would look up at the sky.She had began to cry,knowing the dream would soon end.He was describing the cities and landscapes of earth,and finally pointed to a particular star and told her his world orbited it.She looked and strained her eyes,peering into the eternal dark-

Travis Smith
DOC #529433

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