( Ladies First) By Stacey T. Gordon

When I look at that special woman in my life it is imperative that I see her through the eyes of love as a Queen within the throne of my heart.

Ladies, if a man understands your gift, if he is truly in love with you, you will be the first thing that he thinks about each new day, if God is the center of hisvlife.
If this is not true, a man will think about himself first, and then what you can do for him, what he can get from you, or how you can make him feel.

A selfish man will do things that don’t include you, until it’s time to go to the bedroom.
If God is the center of a man’s life, he will first think about how to properly provide for what God has blessed him with. Whatever choices a loving man decides upon , it should be according to what is best for us as couple.
My choice as a man should never be self oriented. My choice should never be without having my Queen in mind.
My choices should always be made in consideration of who you are, what you think, what you need, or how you feel.

When I spend my money how much of it includes the love of my life?
As a man it’s not about about having a sugar daddies mentality, I understand that when a woman is first in a man’s life he would never view his Queen as a prostitute, nor would he devalue her by placing a dollar or material amount upon her giving of what is designed by creation to be a sacred gift of pleasure that is both precious and priceless.

Once a woman have given herself, there’s nothing else more valuable that she has to offer.
Ladies first, becomes a reality when women set a standard of not settling for less than her Queenship.
When a woman understands her universal royalty, she will not allow herself to be treated second class.

Ladies, men will be compelled to honor the standard that you represent .
This should never be an act or pretense . This quality of femininity should be your authentic self.
This mirror image of your character reflects your true worth no matter what your body type, social status, ethnicity, or how much money you have.
Ladies and gentlemen please understand this. As a single person, if you guard your singleness as something sacred, the value that you place upon your sex prepares you for your married faithfulness.
However, when a single person is promiscuous it prepares you for infidelity
when you get married.

Ladies first, is a man’s understanding that you are God’s daughter with the conventional wisdom that you deserve to be treated in a divine and Queenly fashion.
The trust that God bestows upon a man when He brings daughter to you, is the honor and integrity that a man should surrender to in our both our loving leadership, proper provision and in our protection of the woman you love.

You are first in my life when there is nothing before you within my heart .

I’m sexually faithful when I won’t yield to the lust for another.
When I have truly surrendered , you become the heartbeat that allows me the breath of love that breathes happiness into my life on a daily basis.
When I talk to you in my vulnerability with the same confidence that I articulate to you what my strengths are, you are first in my love and heart.
When I am willing to bare my soul there’s no one I trust more as a friend or as an emotional adviser, healer and comforter than you.
You are first in my life when I don’t have to wonder where I’d like to spend the holiday’s, even when theres family involved.
Whenever you are present, you are first in my life. I can’t exclude you from what matters most in my heart in order to Include someone else’s wish first.

Ladies first, is my saying as a man thank you, for allowing me the space to be the best man that I can be, due to the best of womankind within you that attracts me to your beauty and dedication.

You are Queen when your king doesn’t allow anything or anybody to stand in your way or allow anyone to separate you from what you share and enjoy in life simply because a king understands that his life is better with you than without you.
I believe that things that are wrong diminishes the quality of life and is also destructive to life, just as I believe that if a Lady is first in a man’s life, she enhances the quality of his existence and helps build up the things that make life worth living, and love worth giving.
when a Lady is first she is the blessing that lays her man’s head down in peace and opens his eyes each morning looking forward to what the day will bring.
A Queen is not God, but God sent her, so how could I ever treat God’s daughter as
second best when she truly is second to none.

Stacey Gordon
DOC #r151-919


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