Justin Higbee

Just Venting by: Justin Higbee

Hey world just wanted to get a few things off my chest.I’m currently dealing w child support issues,don’t get me wrong I have no issue paying,I just don’t think its fair I don’t get charged by my monthly income but by whatever they want to charge me On top of that when I tried to get visitation of the lil girl that I have the right to pay for but not see. The mother denied visitation an since I’m locked up and can’t get a ride to the next hearing the judge denied me. Now when I come home the lil girl will b 9 having had no contact w me for almost 8 years will b a lil akward. The mother took calls from me everyday to every other day for over 18 months then woke up last September and decided to stop. I just wonder what they tell her now,and what kind of guy is the mother w to act the way he acts denying me contact w my daughter. I am no threat to him or their relationship and have never had a bad word to say about him. I never had a bad word to say to or about the mother either and we always had good conversations when I did call. I just miss my daughter and feel lost,how can I b denied my rights to the lil girl. Don’t get me wrong I take full responsibility for getting locked up and not being there,why should the like l girl suffer also. Anyway just wanted to get that off my chest. If anyone wants to talk hit me back,……..

Justin Higbee
DOC #725-889


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