Hayden Hamilton

Introducing Hayden Hamilton

Hi my name is Hayden E. Hamilton Inmate I.D # is 0118827 Im 20 Years old i was born on april 27 of 1998 and since my 20th birthday i’ve spent 22 months in jail/prison currently i am in the Winfield Correctional Facilty at 1806 Pinecrest circle Winfield ks. as of september 25 i have just graduated with my G.E.D. and it feels goood to see the hard work i have been doing to better my self is paying off. my current out date is april 10th 2020 wich is right around the corner. i am currently serving 49 months for 2x attmpt. aggrivated burg., 2x burg., 3x felony thfts., and 1 flea and allude. i am looking into corrispondence courses for collage right now and am wanting to get a degree in buisness. i know that it will be a up hill climb but i am ready for it with jesus on my side i can do what ever i set my mind to. i did qualify for a small scolarship thru cowly county community collage i was 12 points away from a full ride scolarship.. i have 3 older brothers and 2 younger sisters that i am currently out of contact with. i have no children and no significant other. i am from El Dorado ks but i am relocating upon my release. i am a part of a group Called R.O.F.W which stands for Reaching Out From Within we learn about forms of violence in todays society and we perform speaking engagements with schools and other young adults to give our personal testimony and try to give them advice to help them in their lives. i go to bible study/church and am a member of A.A and N.A. i Am in a Philosophy class taught by a professor at Southwestern collage. i would love to hear from someone. i am on jpay and my address is on kasper but feel free to write if you get the urge. God Bless and Have a wonderful day P.S. thank you to Suzie Jennings for this wonderful service she provides to inmates to allow them to express themselves while they are in an enviroment that attempts to stifle Their creativity and Fredom of expression

Hayden Hamilton
DOC #0118827

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