Grown Man Or Just Nasty by Patrick Silas

I won’t to do all type of things to the woman of my dreams. Is it the time or is it my imagination. I won’t to start with suckin on her nipples.Then I start by playing with her wet spot one finger at a time then two fingers then I work my face to her honey spot OMG it taste so good I slowly lick her clit as I insert two finger in an out of her pussy her juices all over my face an I swallow every drop then I flip her on her stomach now my middle finger an my ring finger is deep in an out of her wet spot an my thumb is playing with her clit so good its sensitive an I spread her butt checks with my other hand an eat her ass while I finger her an play with her clit then I insert this thick 10inch monster lol is it the time that got me feeling like this or I’m imagination I guess I’ll find out when I meet the right lady is it that I’m grown or just nasty please contact me at PATRICK SILAS a685626 I got three years off of a then year sentence I’d wright back if u wight me

DOC #a685626


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