Stacey Gordon

Greetings To the World By Stacey Gordon

Hello, I am a African American male 53 yrs of age. I am An activist and I firmly believe in the uplifting and ministry of love peace and development. I look forward to sharing some very powerful truths with the world. I believe that my life by purpose is to impart, impact, and inspire others to be their best self.
The release of my gift will be to touch people in a way that will not only be thought provoking, but life changing. I am soon to be released on 8-2-2019 in which I will be starting my family buisness and going full time into ministry. I am a published author with a new work soon to be released in a plethora of book store. The book the uncompromised truth is reflective to m message for this generation.
I want to personally thank all of those who take the time to read what I have to say. May God bless you and keep you. My motto is I would rather stand alone with the truth than to stand wrong with the multitudes

Stacey Gordon
DOC #r151-919

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