John Mcconnell

Gotta stay down until I come up by John R. Mcconnell (aka: Mac)

The police can tear my cell up and take everything I have, but they’ll never be able 2 hold me down mentally or hold me back at all for that matter. They say it takes years even decades to build an empire yet only seconds to destroy it… I know that Im probablt gonna go through this possibly many times over again before I get out of this shit-hole and aven though it pisses me off severel Ill never let the police know how much they completely fuck me over by taking and\or destroying my things. Things that are important to me , but is looked at as utterly nothing to a “normal” person who isnt a convict that only has his hustle hand to survive by usually. We “cons” call it “livin off of the land” when you get little or no financial support from anyone. Those of us who live such a lifestyle place greater value on our possessions than ones that recieve much help from friends and family on the street. Those guys dont hold the same value as us because they havent had to wheel and deal and rob peter and still not pay paul because “fuck it this may be the only time I have the chance to get a fresh pair of kicks for the next few years!”
Well, running out of time now only one minute left on the kiosk but I think Ive made my point!

John R. Mcconnell #731 514
po box 56
Lebanon, Oh 45036

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