Major McCormick

Diamonds are a girls best friend by major mccormick

I had a dream about my wife one night. She was brigh and alight, graceful as a swan swimming towards dawn, rainbows were scribbled over the southern sky, delicate, precious, and sweet as apple pie, she brought me dishes and wishes from everywhere, she never stopped fulfilling my needs, her every concern that i was happy but more so happy with her her perfume, smile ,make up, style of dress, hair and jewelry, all to impres me. Oh what a feeling was this a dream or the real thing. then suddenly it seemed to be a night mare she screamed” wheres my diamond ring! ive been doing all of these things and oure jt laying here like a king”! she snapped into a whirl wind hurling words that sting i could only wonder how such a pretty thing could destroy my dream. i searched for the ring i searched through everything maybe its in a magazine near her maybelline, i tried to keep everything clean, listened, and spoke kindly. i was never mean. i cooked her favorite things. i pulled and pushed to do several things to make sure she had eveything she could ever dream. she smiled “now youre treating me like a beautiful queen” “look” she flashed her finger “it was never about the ring”

proverbs 31 vs 10 how hard it is to find a virtous wife she is worth far more than jewels

Major McCormick
DOC #686-167


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