Tyler Gates

Caterpiller by Tyler Gates

When I entered this condemned place, I had no idea I would be in a cucoon stage. My dreadlocks cut and a felony case, a mustache was all the only hair on my face. When the cuffs were on my wrist, my property seized…. I would of never imagined in solitarity confinement I could have found peace. At 22 years old, unaware of my self; The violent drug lifestyle was only hurting myself. With my system clean and a clear train of thought, I rediscovered my talents an re-lit the spark. My mind was once on every bodies else’s business, now that I’m grown I’m only minding my business. Still I am growing and stretching my wings… Hoping one day I cross paths with the one they call Queen. Sleeping brings nightmares’ the word on the street, so staying awoke should combine reality with my dreams. Drama free vacation’s over seas. Trip’s to tha movies also cool wit me. A beautiful mind is as good as a women with pretty feet, How I love the sight of waking up next to my women in a king sized B.E.D., A ‘Basketball Love’ like Omar Epps Sinai Latham, A world of full of color must be left for the imgination.

Tyler Gates
DOC #714-706


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