Terry Allen

# Can’t wait 2 meet U ! by: Terry Allen (aka: GUNZALLY $AVAGE)

I know U feeling my energy…. the way U cutcha eyes at me (for sure) show me, U feeling me….WHOA !
Ya smiles gives me such an healthy-high….So lovely no lie!
We never fail 2 privately, strongly lock-eyes….
Dam, your such an high spirited exotic butterfly….
That gives me all kinds of butterflies….
Without ah word said its always hella hi’s….
With no bad vibes, all the times we pass by….
If I had any drug of choice, I choose only U to be my meds….
But honestly, Cutie I rather kiss your lips instead….
Hold U tight, tell U its always be alright,& protecting U from all the snakes that shed….may the future ahead be tears of joy 2gether we can shed….
Of course I’m craving just to grow only with U.. foreva sooo with U!!
So let’s build something much better…oops,
I mean something Greater than we eva had B4 (#101) 2gether…
That’s only if U with that, U that 1-bad…( trust me)
I promise ya gorgeous ass…we don’t have 2move fast….
How about “ENDLESS BEST FRIENDS!” ( smile)
Or 2gether we’ll be the couple that ah give an caring push for new & older couples 2 cuddle more ….& becoming each others Hero’s….
Beautiful, your not alone.
I no longer search 0r seek for ya…
but steel..
I can’t wait 2meet U!

Terry Allen
DOC #A487358

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