Anthony Waters

CAN U HEAR ME byAnthony L.Waters


I get pentilized for being traumatize,
fear of being human with open eyes,
behind hypnotize minds that strategize,
a lonely soul that’s on the rise,
setting steal gazeing out the window at a open sky..
with so much stress on my head I don’t know to play it,
trying to hold on to what is dear,
missing u wippin away my tears,
because u know the secret of my heart that cause fear,
the fear to live ,
or the fear to die,
only a few people in this world seen and heard me cry,
I fail that promise to keep u with a smile,
because I know u didn’t smile much as a child,
we both had to play the hand we was dealt,
I remember the first time I saw u,
my heart begain to melt,
I quickly learn that u can be talkative,
then I realized that’s your way of being provocative,
describing love as two people comfortably sailing down a stream,
basking in the sun beam,
holding each other close like a beautiful dream..

you captured my heart with felicity,
out spoken words that’s straight to the point,
asking what its gone to be,
the lieing or fussing,
but when I lay u down u scream softly when we fucking,
u hold me tight and don’t let go,
every time we close we lose all control,
its’ a difference being apart of my heart,
when u are apart of my soul,
I understand u have to pace your self to walk with me down this road,
but after every story the listeners taste its glory,
when storms calms the sunshine indicates peace,
the people around be gain to feast,
they rebuild their homes through the dark and cold,
u have to believe at the end of every rainbow theres a pot of gold..
can u hear me.

peace the true and living

Anthony L. Waters
DOC #720-786


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