Jeffrey Tobias

“TRYING TO MAKE THE TRANSITION; The Prison System/Life of New York State vs. The Prison System/Life of The State of Ohio”, By Jeffrey Tobias, Part IV.

I would like to take this time to thank all the Teachers and Professors who’ve helped and encouraged me along my way: My Pre-College English Professor, Professional Editor, Starting Point Guard, for her college’s basketball team, and one third of the membership, of the Old Lady’s Gang, that loves to go to the movies, with the other two members, on the weekend, Ms. Fisk. Ms. Fisk definatley encouraged me with my writing. She told me, “You pay very close attention to details in your writing’s;” and on my report card she said,

Jeff is totally at home in a classroom. He does the work,
contributes his opinion, and asks when he doesn’t under-
stand. Along with all those positives, he has a wonderful
sense of humor, and often breaks up the class with his
witty remarks. He does very well in English, and he has a
real style in his writing. Jeff seems like a college student
already, and I don’t ever worry about his future; he’ll do
well in whatever he puts his impressive talent to.
(Professor Fisk – 2014)

Ms. Fisk is a very CLASSY LADY! She use to wear her Ralph Lauren, Polo, gear with the matching gloves, scarf, hat, and sunglasses. I knew it was her time, and maybe she was just tired, but I didn’t want her to retire; I wanted everyone else to benefit from the knowledge she had to offer. If I would’ve made it home, I would’ve loved to mow her lawn and go grocery shopping for her. People her age need to be checked in on frequently. It would’ve been the least I could do.
My Pre-College Math Professor Mr. McGovernor; he’s taught math all over the world, and I’ll bet anyone that he turned every traveling experience into a math equation. Whenever he travels by foot, he counts every step he takes, like Bobby Brown 🙂 . He’ll have your math skills, so, up to par, you’ll never understand how you ever forgot half the math he re-taught you in the first place. His favorite saying, when asked how he came up with a particular answer, to a problem was “You just know.” He had to learn to dumb it down a little bit for us; I use to tell him, “Governor, you have to slow things down for us, most of us, in here, haven’t been in a math class in over 30yrs.” It took him a little time to realize that; he just couldn’t understand how the whole world didn’t know the sweet science of math like he did.
I’ll never forget Mrs. Little, my English 110 (Elements of Exposition) Teacher/Profeesor; she’s so naive that it’s scary! She goes to sleep on the New York subway. That’s a big NO-NO!! I’m not even from New York, and I know better than that. She’s very pretty; she’s a beautiful woman, inside and out, and she believes in the good in every person. She doesn’t understand that people have to earn the benefit of the doubt. Her favorite rapper, at that time, was Fetty Wapp. She thinks he’s sweeter than cotton candy, and she thinks it’s, so, sweet and loves the fact that he “be in the kitchen cooking pies with his baby.” She damn near fainted when we disclosed to her the meaning behind his cryptic lyrics. One would think she had gotten smacked in the face with a whole cosmetic pack of rouge. God Bless Her Heart 🙂 (SMH).
Mrs. Burrows, my English 111 (Written Engl/Lit Studies I), English 112 (Written Engl/Lit Studies II) Professor. Mrs. Burrows is, hands down, the strongest and most committed Professors that I know. She had BRAIN SURGERY on a Thursday, and was back teaching us on a Monday, with shaven head and all! I never missed ANY of her classes; I told myself if she can make it up here and subject herself to the BULLSHIT, that goes on with trying to get into the prison, to teach us, in her condition, then she deserves all of our undivided attention. Well, I made sure that she got mines. She played a major roll in helping African American families obtain homes/apartments during those “TIMES” in New Yorks racial discrimination climate. Many times she would pose as the buyer/renter and once they found out, it would be, too, late. She was just a little Strong, Defiant, Jewish Fireball that stood for what she believed in. HUMANITY! I hope she can keep going strong and hold on until we meet again. On my last day of school, she gave me a big hug and told me to take care of myself. She knew I was leaving to go back to Ohio’s system. I miss her. Shit, I miss all of them.
To Mr. Sax, Professional Author, and my Philosophy 110 (Ethical Perspective), Religion 109 (Historical and Global Perspective), and Philosophy 112 (Logical Thinking) Professor. Well, you know 🙂 …What can I say about him. He’s a Wonderful, but Eccentric, man. He never tries to force his opinions, or beliefs on anyone, especially, in Religion class. He tries to help YOU forge your own. He respects every religious denomination; and he respects whatever YOU believe in. I once wrote a paper on “INTELLIGENT DIVINE DESIGN” How the ANUNNAKI (Those From Heaven To Earth Came) fashioned the first human (ADAM) from their likeness. He didn’t criticize me for my topic, nor did he disregard what I was saying because it may have been contradictory to his beliefs. I presented my proof, sited my work, and I received an “A”. Even though he wrote, “These are some VERY outlandish claims, but it’s an excellent paper.” That was the second paper I wrote.
I ran out of space; I’ll have to continue the rest of this DEDICATION/ODE in Part V. So, until my next installment, I can be reached via JPay; go to your app store, on your mobile device, and search for JPay, then type in Jeffrey Tobias A704109, Richland Correctional Institution.

Sincerely yours,

Jeffrey Tobias
DOC #A704109


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