Darrell Moran


Harsh realities is always center focus for me.Family matters of pain & hardship has influenced my state of being today.Impelling stress upon my shoulders.News of my grandmother’s health has panicked my soul into sudden fear.She’s a diabetic.The doctor said that if she keep’s letting her sugar get to high she will fall into a coma.So i’ll have to sit in jail & pray that someone is watching over her.With (6) years to sreve left in jail.The mental pressure of losing her weighs deep after losing my mother & father at a young age.The liquid moisture of my tear’s stains my pillow as I lay under my cover’s.Which is the only fort of solitude that one can have in prison.I’ve watched her health decrese over the course of (9) years.While i’ve set without any power to do anything.WHY have i failed at life so miserably?

DOC #554607

Categories: Darrell Moran

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