Eugene Campbell


Its been really a disturbance, to the point that once I was placed with my back against the walls.I was not placed in touch or even contacted ,told anything of my dog ,being taken from me being (family)! My, not knowing of her suffering or well being! I filed a complaint ,lost stolen ,posted picture that the Columbus Shelter for dogs, said did, but finding no results ,on either objectives, to no avail, no help, no responses! I’m still fighting for her,wishing some closure for us both. She has beautiful eyes and a face that no other dog can compare,loves me ,as I do too.Plus ,my therapy from her ,being the best for me (family). She should be 1year old now. Truly ,I understand sometimes we make bad choices for good reasons.I lost someone dear to me, that weight heavy on my heart,I just need her back with me! If any body has any insight/input to this matter,I’m open to all angles of discussion. Please Help!

DOC #a743-354

Categories: Eugene Campbell, faith

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