Edward Longmire

‘The Perception of an Immured King’ Race Relations(Part 2) By Edward Longmire

I feel ‘White America’ take us as a joke, all we wanna do is tell each other to “stay woke” and protest. Protesting is not enough, we must put action behind our movements. Look at tha ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, first off let me say that I love tha ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement but its not being taken seriously here in ‘White America’ and to really tell tha truth its not being taken seriously in ‘Black America’. I know y’all like ”what tha fuck he just say!?” please let me explain myself before you stone me. I praise “BLM” for being a force in Ferguson, New York, and other cities where you came out to protest the killing, rather, murders of our ‘Black’ brothers and sisters. I get that u wanna bring awareness to this problem a make a change but tha truth is ‘we’ been aware of these acts since they kidnapped us from Africa over 500 years ago. This ain’t nothing new its just that we living in tha digital age and everything is getting caught on video. In response to tha ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement people start to make a mockery of us ‘Blue Lives Matter’ (police), ‘White Lives Matter’ (White America), ‘Gay Lives Matter’, like come on now when tha Black Panthers were here putting action behind their words and protests NOBODY made a mockery of them, it wasn’t no ‘Blue Panthers’ no ‘White Panthers’ no ‘Gay Panthers’. I know people will try an criticize what I’m saying but guess what? They tried to criticize Jesus but u can’t find fault in tha truth. They say tha truth hurts but I don’t want it to hurt I want it to awaken you, I want to show that the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement needs the assistance of ‘Black America’ as a whole and more importantly its needs the spirit of God as its driving force. Its time that we get pass the hurdles that we set before ourselves. Its time to seek true freedom.


Edward Longmire #567958
Ross Correctional Institution
Chillicothe, Oh 45601

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