Keith Brooks

“Chasing Da Bag” By Rapper & Author Keith “Chaos Loc” Brooks

I want to introduce my new single “Chasing Da Bag” to everyone. I just released a new single and album on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and all other music platforms. My new album “Coast Gang Muzicc” features the songs “Chasing My Dreams” “Chasing Da Bag” “Eastside” and “Bail Money”. I would like for everyone to download my new single and album today. Assist me with making my new single
“Chasing Da Bag” #1 on Spotify and iTunes.

I am chasing my dreams by making music and writing books. I have so much positive energy around me nothing can break my concentration. I’ve also been mentoring at risk youth and helping individuals with their substance abuse problems. Even though I’m currently incarcerated, I’m still managing to give bacc to my community in a positive way. At risk youth really listen to me because I’ve been where they’re headed if they don’t change their ways of thinking.

I’m very glad that I can get through to our youth because the children are our future. At risk youth only listen to certain type of people. They only listen to people that they can relate to. People that truly understand what they are feeling and what they’re going through. After they read my book, they really started to trust in my advice. They can really relate to my story because I was also an at risk youth.

I’m in position to help change lives so I’m doing that. Despite my current incarceration I’m still keeping a positive outlook on life. I started off as a innocent kid, morphed into a hardcore banger, and ended up a full-time corporate businessman. I am proving to at risk youth all across the world that anybody can change. I no longer sell drugs to support myself. My job as an rapper and author is to make good music and write books. I sell music and books to support myself. I don’t have to worry about ever returning to prison because I live in a corporate world now.

I don’t have to worry about the taskforce kiccin’ down my door. I don’t have to worry about the feds trying to set me up. I don’t have to worry about undercover cops going deep cover wearing wires tryna get me caught up in a twist. I’m living totally legit now so I don’t surround myself with all of that madness anymore. The entertainment business saved my life. Now that I’m doing good and slowly climbing to the top, I’m willing to help the ones that’s in need like I was. I’m willing to help the at risk youth chase their dreams too.

I would like for everyone to order a copy of my new book and follow me as an author. “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” will definitely keep your attention and have you wondering what’s next. There will be a sequel to “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” in the future. Feel free to contact me directly if you would like to have a discussion pertaining to the book. I’m open to answering any and all questions you have about the book.

Available for download and purchase @, Barnes & Noble,, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc. Order Now!

#ChaosLoc@iTunes/Spotify/Google Play/AppleMusic/Siccness Radio




More Of My Music On YouTube:

Feelin free
I just wanna
Coast gang video


1)Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (New Book By Keith “Chaos Loc” Brooks)
2)Chasing Da Bag (New Single By Chaos Loc)
3)Coast Gang Muzicc (New Album By Chaos Loc)

Keith A. Brooks #A599527 Brooks #A599527
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Rd. Loc
Youngstown, Ohio 44505 Instagram/Chaos Loc 4

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