Edward Longmire

‘The Perception of an Immured King’ Race Relations (Part 1) By Edward Longmire

All my life I would wonder “why do white people hate us (Black people) so much?” What have ‘we’ done to these Caucasians to envoke so much hatred? Iv come to the conclusion that; 1) Its not all white people, just a large enough group of them and; 2) Its not that ‘we’ have done anything to them, its a evil spirit that dwells within them that compels them to ate us without a cause. Sad.Throughout my years of studying, self educating and building a better relationship with God, iv come to see that just as racist white people have a spirit of hate that is passed down thru generations, we ‘Black’ people also have a spirit that has been passed down to us thru generations as well. That is the spirit of “Perseverance”. The spirit of “Survival”. The spirit of our ancestors that were warriors. But we have been beat, raped, cheated, tricked, outcast, and blacklisted so much that we have lost, and in many ways, let go of the spirit that ties all our spirits together. That is the spirit of “Independence”. Why is it that we so badly want to be equal with white people? Is it because we are all human? Don’t play yoself like that. Just because we are all human and were created equal in tha physical don’t mean we are equal when it comes to tha grand scheme of things.
See they were over in Europe, didn’t like tha way they were being handled so they came to America an beat, raped, tricked and killed tha natives of this land because they were too weak to stand up in their own country to make a change, took this land,went to West Africa an tricked, kidnapped, enslaved, beat, raped, and killed our people all tha way up until ‘we’ built this whole damn country with our blood, sweat, and tears. Tha sad thing is its still happening today people. WAKE UP!!!
Even today we are still slaves for ‘White America’. I don’t care if u live in tha hood or if u live in tha same neighborhood as Kim K, if u are ‘Black’ then u are a slave. How is that u ask? Let me break it down to u. You got Tanisha that stay in tha hood, 2 kids and she got 2 jobs so she is able to provide for her children. Then u got Diana, went to college, got her own business pulling in $250,000 a year. Then u got Ray-Ray from tha hood, didn’t finish school but wanna do better in life but having a criminal record prevent him from doin so on so many levels, so he sells drugs to provide for himself, he’s making good money doin it so he has no plan on stopping anytime soon. Then u have Rashawn that’s from tha hood but he made it out, he play professional sports and is down in Miami living lavish. Even tho all 4 of these black people are goin thru different things, they are all slaves for ‘White America’. See when Tanisha take care of home with tha first check she goes out and buy a Gucci bag with tha second and its tha same thing with tha other 3, they all take their hard earned money and spend it with ‘White America’.
You see how I keep saying ‘White America’? See they tell us that segregation was over with back in tha day but don’t be fooled for one second segregation is a train from hell and its moving full steam ahead. Why do u think they refer to blacks in America as ‘Black America’? Because its tha line in tha sand! What’s the difference between me and Billy, we were both born here in America, but I’m labeled African-American and he’s labeled plain ol American. Neither one of our ancestors are originally from this land, why isn’t he labeled European-American? Its tha line in tha sand people. Separatism. Segregation. ‘Black America’ ‘White America’.
I want to see any of my black brothas or sistas here in America go up to the owner of Gucci, L.V., D&G, Versace, your local Super Market, car dealerships, or any white establishment and tell them ‘I’m short on rent’, ‘I can’t feed my kids’, ‘I need help paying for quality education for my kids’… medical bills, car notes, or any other of tha many things we need and see if they help u. You’ve been helping, no I take that back, you’ve been making sure that their not late on rent, their children are feed, their children has the best education money can buy, driving nice cars and anything else they can dream of.
Do u not know if we were to start our own economy, which means our own banks, clothing companies, Super Markets, our own farmers and farms, make our own cars, own our own jewelry stores, movie production companies, police force, professional sports leagues, broadcasting stations, our own judicial system, have our own schools, of we were to have all that and more we would be one of the strongest, wealthiest, and respected nations in the world. Maybe I said too much for y’all, did y’all just hear what I said…One of the Strongest, Wealthiest and Respected Nations in the World!! Come now u need to wake up ‘BLACK AMERICA’ its time that we decide our own future. Its time that we take matters into our own hands and build the nation Martin, Malcolm, Marcus, The Black Panthers and countless others that have been murdered, imprisoned, raped, beat, turned down and spit on could only dream of. Or did they go thru all they went thru in vain? Are we as a people content in the state in which we are living? Are u ok knowing that you, me, US, did not make the necessary sacrifices for our offspring to be the creditable, self-respecting, ambitious, fiery, dignified, honorable, lordly, ingenious, creative, responsible, understanding, clear-headed, resourceful, intellectual, and dercerning people God made us to be?


Edward Longmire #567958
Ross Correctional Institution
Chillicothe, Oh 45601

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  1. Edward, I may not be American, but on behalf of white people, I want to apologise for the hatred, racism and oppression 😦 I’m sorry you’re in prison and I hope you can make the most of your time and get out soon. God bless, Robert


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