“Here and Now” by Ronald C. Moore, Jr.

This message is not just prep class for thesweet everafter. It is a relevant message that gives direction for the nasty HERE nd NOW. Christianity is for the world. It deals with marriages and relationships. Likewise, marriage is not for heaven,it is for earth. It is rhe earthly institutionn that emulates the spiritual union between Christ and the Church. It is the passionate embracing of souuls whose affection has reached the level of covenant that can be illustrated only in each other’s arms. It is as the Bible desribes a threefold cord. The three components are God, the groom, and the bride. I speak regarding christian marriage: it iss the coupling of two people who have ageed about who they are to each other and who they are in relationship to God. They are husband and wife. Thay are lovers. A lover is more than just a bed partner. Being lovers is being someone’s place of habitation, recreation, and rest. Being lovers means that a couple has directional focus that has centered them on the commitment to fulfill each other’s needs. When I say needs, I don’t necessarily mean sex. A need can be fulfilled with a touch or simply an exchange of tender words. But whatever the need the place of fulfillment os the same. It is on her husband arms that she finds hhappiness. It is in his wife’s humor that causes him to chuckle during the day. When a warm glowing ember ignites in her thoughts and causes her face to flush, it is a memory of him toopersonal to be discussed but too powerful to be forgotten. In a marriage, a man and wife are partners, lovers, friends. It is a bond so powerful, so special, that it is meant to last forever. The challenge is to find in reality what marriage is in design. An engineer would be summoned when a created piece of machinery fails to function according to its design. The manufacturer would never decide taht the product was no good just because it failed to function correctly. The engineer would study the desidn and alter the materials until he achieved the desired results. Yet we so easily see people scrap marriages that they have invested years in because of the slightest misalignment. We must remember that anything worth having is worth fighting for. Let’s not permit ourselves to walk away from a wonderfulrelationship just because its not working exactly as planned. Instead, let’s try to figure out where the malfunction is. The blueprint for marriage is perfect, any probelms with our relationships are due to human dysfunction.
I believe the greatest flaw in most marriages and relationships can be attributed to the fact that when we are told those famous words “you must communicate,” we are not told that we speak different languages. In order to achieve the harmonious sound of a concerted ballad, we must kae time to understand the diversity of the instrumentation. simply said, men are far different from women, and we need to understand those diffeences. She is a harp to be gently stroked, and she responds to the skillful hands of a careful minstrel. He is a bugle, brassy and shiny, producing a strong sound of alarm. The music that comes from one is far different from the music that comes from the other. hey must be orchestrated. We want to maintain our uniqueness but blend together as a team for lielong bliss and love. So today, you and I are going to listen in at the confessional booth of love. We are going to walk through some spiritual principles looking for clues that will help us keep the music playing in perfect harmony. Join me on this journey. Have a Great day. Ronald C. Moore, Jr #529924, contact me by email on

Ronald C. Moore, Jr
DOC #529924


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