Marvin Burrage


I loved my grandpa and it really hurted me when he past away…
I would get where I would just think think,think about whatever all I knew was it took me away for awhile,and i remember I was having a crush on all my moms friends because when they hug me their tits was always in my face and they knew it and at times when my moms wasn’t around they would have me suck there tits and it seemed like forever, they talking about suck harder but my jaw was hurting,but I never complained because I thought I was special and when I went on gene house this girl named Jackie use to make me sit between her legs and tell me how to lick and suck her tits and she had some big tits,we where never aloud upstairs we always had to stay in the basement but like I said the girls was treated differently,and you couldn’t watch t.v unless he turned it on and then it’ll be about animals or something about the world,that’s the only time you was aloud in the livingroom,but you can walk threw to get upstairs to the bad or bathroom and going up these stairs they kind of make noise, but I was a lite walker and didn’t make noise going up the stairs and he would always tell me quit sneaking up the stairs, I hated going over to his house because you can’t do nothing right,he feed you but you can’t get seconds,I remember asking for seconds and he said if he gave me second I would have to go outside and eat with dog I said cool I got my food went outside in the back yard and sat next to babe that’s the dog name and I ate my food,this was the only thing I liked about him and that was he could cook,but he made sure you didn’t get extra cause he marked all the food even the kool-aid jar and in the morning you would get a bowl of rice or something with a little sugar,and if anybody ate on drunk anything everybody get a whipping if you are around,on this day he told everybody that he had a game at wood hill park,so we all thought we was going,but when it was time to leave only the grown ups was going,so he told us don’t go in the house,now his brother lived about five houses down so I went down there,his name is big Rob I sat down there talking to him about an hour until Ronnie came down and asked me if I wanted to go to the store,big Rob said it was OK to go so we went to this gas station and Ronnie brought us candy and when we got outside he told he he found some money in the gas station, so when we got back to big Rob gene and everybody who went to the game was there,gene called us to the house and asked where is the money we all said what money,he said the money somebody took from Jackie room,I told him I was down at big Rob all night,he took everybody in the room one by one and when it was my turn he asked me for the money I said I didn’t have it and he could ask big Rob and he would tell him I was down there with him,so he called big Rob and he told him I was down there with him and he didn’t believe him so he started beating me with the ironing cord,me and Ronnie was getting whipped then he said I know you all spent some of the money so give me what you didn’t spend,I said I don’t have any money that’s when he grabbed me and put his hand over my mouth and nose so I couldn’t breath and I was kicking and doing everything I could to breath,I was so scared I said OK I’ll take you where the money is,its down the street so me him and Wayne went down the street I didn’t know where I was going I was just hoping for the chance to run,we came to the corner where there was a dog it was a Doberman I said its in his dog house gene told Wayne to get it and don’t worry about the dog because it don’t have no teeth,when Wayne couldn’t find it gene got to beating me in the head with a flashlight saying tell me where the money is,its on the railroad tracks so we went on the tracks and no money so he continue hitting me in the head with this flashlight all the way back to the house,he then tied me up and put me in the back seat Ronnie was in the front seat Gene went back in the house for something I told Ronnie to untie me and I’ll drive he said no I say come on you the one stole the money now untie me before he get back,but he didn’t, Gene got in the car,drove over to Broadway and Maple HTS sheriff was coming up the street Gene flag him down and the sheriff said what can I do for you Mr Smith, well I am about to kill my son,the sheriff seen me in the back seat tied up and mouth gagged and said try not to make a lot of noise and drove off,he then took me home walk threw the back yard and onto the traintrack laid me down on the tracks and tied me down all I could do was look up to the sky,I don’t know what I was thinking about as I lay there,all I know is time seem to go so slow,I don’t really know how long I was tied to the track but Gene finally came and got me and took me in the basement and was talking to me,saying I could collecte bottles until I paid it off and I kept telling him I didn’t take the money and at that time I thought I heard the train coming,all these people in the house let this man tie me to the track and did nothing,yes my mother,stepmother and his friends was all there and they did nothing,but I told myself I was gonna run away where nobody could find me soon as I get a chance…..a few days later the police picked Ronnie up for fighting and moms had him put in a home in Indiana somewhere,so now I am a loner and I have to put up with everybody crap,you see in our family everybody plays favouritism and I don’t know nobody who liked me or spent time with me or even talked to me,I know we was always moving, we must of moved all around Cleveland and it seem we was moving every other month,we moved down in King Kennedy projects in the browns on the woodland end the first brown right next to the crave yard and let me tell you that was some scary shit,eveynight I had a dream about being buried alive,

Marvin J Burrage
DOC #256209


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