Mordecia Black

talk to much by Mordecia black

if you just shut up I will give you the questions you ask, you wonder why your future is hunted by your past, you talk to much,every relationship you’ve been in never last long,I’m here to tell you the only thing ur doing wrong,you talk to much! if you have all the answers, what more is there to learn? like how to mend a broken heart or why for love our souls seem to burn, you talk to much! listen to your soul, your heart will tell lies, like second guessing yourself with so many questions that start with the word why, broken hearts, broken promises, lies and deciet play a big part in the learning process, life breaks us down to rebuild our better self,so if you feel like your ,your best you then you haven’t lived and learned,crashed and burned,been abandoned and left,sweared you won’t trust no one else, loved and lost,lines been crossed,only if you’ve listen to the gental touch, and the strong voice in your head that keeps screaming,shut up you talk to much.

Mordecia Black
DOC #723650


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  1. Great insight! It’s so true too. Most people, while listening to others are not concentrating on what they say, they’re busy thinking of their next lines. The worst question in life when it comes to behavior is “Why?” “Why” will not solve problems, because though most people think knowing the why behind the behavior will help change the behavior, it doesn’t really. Any question you ask yourself that starts with the word “Why” is going to be answered incorrectly. “Why do I do stupid things?” Because I’m a stupid person. “Why doesn’t anyone love me?” Because I’m unlovable. Neither of those answers actually fixes anything and are actually an incorrect response to the question. “What can I do to avoid doing something stupid?” OOOOOO! All sorts of good answers to that! “What can I do that makes people feel good around me?” Even more answers to that. Keep writing! I like the way you look at things!


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