John Mcconnell

Lying ass people piss me off by John Mcconnell (aka: Mac)

Well, the title of my blog today pretty much explains the gist of how I am feelin. I have heard so many lies today that it is absolutely rediculous to continue conversing with people. To top it off I have called just about everyone I know today and absolutely no one has answered, I have even called a few people nemerous times still to no avail. I dunno wtf is going on for real but I hope that this does not continue to be an everyday issue. Sometimes it is just good to talk to someone in the “real world” and today has been one of those days when I needed that and for some reason I just cant seem to make it happen and its just really bothering me even though I know I shouldnt let it. I dont talk to many people on the street but when I attempt to It would be nice to have my damn calls answered lmfao. Wow, thos blog is pretty damn awesome to vent to for real. I can just bitch and complain about everything with no kind of consequences what-so-ever. Fuckin-A, I now realize that I also havent had an E-mail on this jpay from anyone in like a week! Somebody hit me up for fuck sake I know Im doin forever and a day it seems like but Im still here ya’ll so hit me up…

John R. Mcconnell 731-514
Lebanon Correctional Institution
Lebanon , Ohio

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  1. Good Afternoon John “Mac” this was the blog entry that made me reach out through Jpay. I didn’t want there to be another bad day for you and have no one to reach out too. I know what that is like so called “friends” that say they are there for you when push comes to shove they are no where around when you do need them or times are tough, but damn sure the fuck better be their for them well my response “FUCK YOU”. I do not want toxic people in my life like that anymore thus my circle consists of 3 ppl me, myself and I. Fuck the fake ones I am real and 100. I hope having someone else in your corner can make a positive difference during this rough time..



  2. Sometimes people lie to themselves 1st, then they practice the lie on you. If you see through it, you’re more aware than most people. That’s why lying bothers you so much. This is a good thing. It’s hard to try and find people who are in jail and don’t lie. They absolutely believed they were not going to get caught and that whatever they did, it wasn’t their fault. How could they be truthful and not face the truth about themselves? Keep speaking the truth, John.


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