Kyle Finnell

“TO ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS , no matter your Color or Creed.” by Kyle D. Finnell

I hope this letter bring Joy to know change is to come…
I stayed down and they stayed wondering.
i aproch with contemplation, “contemplating,” proper preperation prevents poor profomanace,”;

On the 12th of September, I I’ll be before the court the court to adjudicate my “Motion for self repertaion” with the Ade of standby counsel pursuant to the 6th Amendment of the United States, and section 10 Artical 1 of the Ohio Constitution.

The only reason I’m trying to proceed “Pro-se” is because I feel my Counsel “Thomas Raisback,” is not even doing the least to help me prevail.

If I fail, its because I did not follow the five P’s of life. However, the “Tree of Knowledge” is the Key to the “Tree of Life”. Education, is the way to success!
Stay down into you come up, and when you up remember, “what’s its like to be down!

stay positive and stay productive. when change come stay conscious.

peace, love and much respect.

Kyle Finnell
DOC #707931


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