Edward Longmire

“Thief In Tha Nite” by Edward Longmire

When I least expected
u climbed thru my windows
I felt a slight breeze
I could have sworn they were closed
I listen intently for tha faintest peep
nothing came,
so I drifted back to sleep
tossin and turnin from images of u,
am I asleep?
am I awake?
Damn nigga, what’s wrong wit u?
I ask myself this day in and day out
cause I see tha thief
broad day, just tha mask without
I am uncertain of these feelings
I am uncertain of what I’m feeling
I’m in tha mindset of a caged animal
at tha sametime, a free bird
I’m staring at tha thief
but I can’t see cause its dark
I hear everything u are saying
altho u uttered not a word
I hurried, turned on tha lights
so I can see
There is a beautiful, divine woman
staring at me.
She reached out her hands
and presented what was enclosed
It was her heart
‘A fair exchange isn’t a robbery’
was what I was told.


Edward Longmire #567-958
Ross Correctional Institution
Chillicothe, Oh 45601

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