Kevin Holcomb

” The Understanding Of Building A firm Bond ” By: Kevin Holcomb

Now days a lot of people feel they are in love from a distance . Why is that ? Well , that’s because so many individuals have been hurt by a family member or just someone in general . And it take them a while to grieve through the past onto the future . So when woman(s) and men(s) having a hard time showing signs of love , its due to them having a bad storm happening before they encoutered with their new individual . Don’t take it the wrong way and think your doing something wrong , because it isn’t you . Take some time out your day to really sit and ask that individual to open to he/she about what’s holding them back from giving that love you know that’s deeply in their heart . You have to be that listening ear , shoulder to lean on , and that backbone to keep them standing tall when no one else isn’t there . As a man we tend to think a woman is playing a hard game to get her real feelings involved , but in reality its from their last encounter or something that happen in their life as they were growing up . And from them not speaking up letting us know what’s up . We feel they are pushing us away or have lost interest in us for someone else . Instead of just asking where the bad brick is , 1 out of a million decide to just keep a friendship and move on with life without trying . Try to create a better but structure solid bond and understanding between the both of you . The love have no limit . Really put forth and effort to build a solid but firm foundation that stands on honesty , loyalty , and communications . I don’t think you can go wrong from just connecting off them three words . To be continued .

Kevin Holcomb
DOC #725-416


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