Michael Doll

“we don’t see the same” by Michael Doll

Everybody always has bad views on the world. But, i believe we only see what wwe want to see. It’s called cause and effect. granted things
in life do happen, yes. but if everyday u wake up like this is messed, that is messed, and you are like man everything is messed, then quess what, everything will be messed up because thats the way that u see it.
Let’s begin to make our life into the image qe want to see. Stop making problems out of nothing. If it’s not raining why carry a umbrella?
I was 19 yrs old when i started this journey, and im grateful, so, so grateful. Alot of my friends have not made it past 25 or even 30 yrs old. Here I am ( God Willing ) about to b 35 in 6 days. This prison sentence has had many chapters, and like most books, some long, some short, but within each one has been a message, a story that has Made Michael Doll who he is now.
Im grateful for the view that i see.
Until next time. Hit me up

Michael Doll
DOC #453-855


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