Mordecia Black

Roles in life by Mordecia Black

first I want to thank God for all the blessings he gives me daily, I want to talk about how people in the world are so delusional of there roles in life,everyone to be richer then life but,most refuse to put in the work to reach them,the first thing to reaching your goal is not grabbing unreachable goals without putting in the work,” I want to own my own business” but you have no money or no credit to receive a loan,it pains me daily to see people with no potential at all and have the biggest dreams ,then people with all the potential in the world but yet don’t want to put in the work , so my message is put down the phone, your not gone be” insta gram” famous and work! I don’t care if you start at burger king just start! stay focus on the prize you want and you will see progress to the dream you have, it won’t come over night ,you will have complications but,keep pushing please! ” faith with out works is in vain”.

Mordecia Black
DOC #723650


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