Eddie Tucker

Lifetime By Eddie Tucker

dark and the only essence in the room is of a inscure women that’s been abuse verbally throughout her life, no one ever made her feel as if she was beautiful. I come into the room thinking that electric was cut off, I reached for the switch. she touch my hand and say no, leave it off that she isn’t comfortable with the skin she’s in. My thoughts was, the ignorance of my brothers. How could they allow this woman to isolate herself in the dark.
I allowed the lights to stay off while she got comfortable with me, I tried to make her feel beautiful as if she was the only thing that mattered when I came around. I would call her gorgeous when I came around, pretty lady or beautiful when I leave. At one point of my visits I told her, beauty is only skin deep and charms can be deceptive. but true friendship is to the bone. We sat in silence for the rest of that day, I returned the following day, hey gorgeous. She say, you warm my heart when you come around and yesterday sitting in silence with you had me feeling as if it was the best conversation we have had and I wished it didn’t come to an end. I said it don’t ever have to anymore I’m looking for a lifetime. She grabbed my face and inserted a soft kiss and told me that she wanted me to make love to her. I asked if she would allow me to turn the lights on, she said Yes. Why wouldn’t she want to see me touch her every curves; look her in the eye’s as I swae my hips allowing her to feel ever thrust of love making I have to offer.
We lay there in each others arms, she say how do you feel. I say I am hell over hills for you, around you my heart melts and I hope this never ends. She said well my plan worked, all I wanted to hear was liftime.
Being that this is a dream from an inmate, I still don’t know what she look like. So hopefully when I find her, we’ll fight for that lifetime.
Wrote this while listening to (lifetime) by “star ” season2 ft. Ryan Destiny & Quavo.

Eddie Tucker
DOC #714-396

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