Anthony Waters

I. by Anthony L.Waters


I shed so many tears through out the years it should be a crime,
I seen my home boy laying dead in November on its evening ground,
I lost more than I ever found,
I couldn’t understand the voices in the wind when they whispered that lovely sound,
I seen hurt at a point blank range,
I feel like my higher power enhanced my strength to endure the pain,
If I just sat still and listen to that soft voice that sang,
I wouldn’t blame myself for letting life catch me in the it’s cold rain,
I could still hear my mother when she yelled out my government name..

I knew love but I never embraced it,
I was to afraid to face it,
I been through hell but I dreamed of heaven,
I realized what I need in order to be set free,
I fought the demons in the shadows when death blew its kiss at me,
I understand life is not life without taken risk,
To follow takes just as much strength then it do to lead,
I was once mad,
I never met the man every one says was my dad,
I learned early in life,
I could never miss someone that I never had,
I would try not to shed tears when I’m sad,
I’m happy even though times can be crappy,
I love life but death is the only thing that can stop me,
I swear its not a day that goes by I don’t think about the times,
I wish that I could press rewind.

peace to the true and living

DOC #720-786


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