Richard Kirkham

STOP CRIME IN AMERICA: A Call to Action! by Richard Kirkham

The American Prison System fuels recidivism. There are NO mandatory classes and NO required positive programs. Prisoners get released the same (or WORSE!) than when they went in, and go right back to committing crimes in OUR communities. I have written a book to help prisoners take their change and growth into their own hands:

SPENDING TIME: A Prisoner’s Guide to Making the Most of Their Time

The book has 40-Plus chapters that cover a wide range of topics intended to give prisoners a new way to view and SPEND their time locked up. It is presented in a form and vernacular that prisoners can relate to, and is filled with experiential wisdom from a REAL prisoner who has been there.

Help get book into the hands of prisoners who can use it. Go to and check out our crowdfunding campaign, (which has some amazing rewards!). Learn more about the book (and me) on our Facebook page, 

Stop Crime In America! Provide prisoners with tools they can use for growth and change while they’re in, so they don’t go back to committing crimes when they get out.

Wishing you the best in Life, Luck, and Love.


Richard Kirkham
DOC #756060


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