Erik Nelson


I was born into the arms of the ghetto’s destruction without a father intentionally giving the guidance of him desiring to see the success of me succeeding past the failures of his foolish decisions, and even though the abuse of selfishness left pain I was granted the hope of eventually dying in the neglect of being untaught but through the shadow of shallow waters my consideration presented the gift of being optimistic while unapologetically and unconsciously chasing the dreams of being something that so many wanted, and in return I was comforted by daughters that many now know as mothers who changed the outcome of selflessly being determined to give the hope of boldly despising the authority and leadership of a father shamefully abandoning what many see as a project of dependency, and through the independence of motherhood as being a bastard son fatherless my allegiance became the deceit of the justice customized system of innocently being found guilty with the identity of being mated in the cell without the equal of my existence while pursuing the secrets of hopefully achieving my meaning of living with thoughts of the justice department reconsidering my release of being an american citizen!


ERIK NELSON #445-941
lebanon corr inst 56
lebanon ohio 45036


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  1. Dear Erik, I hope that as part of your reconditioning you can become an adopted son of God the Father, through faith in His Son Jesus, and by the power of His Holy Spirit. It won’t end your problems but it will multiply your blessings. God bless, Robert 🙂


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