Travis Tucker

(Out Raged)Self Savior Be Allah by Travis Tucker

The Virginia department of correction’s has again showed and proved not only how slavery still exist,But how prisons are the new plantations!!!Our families has been threatened and subjected to cruel and unusual punishment allowed by our own government,the people we elected to protect and serve and champion for our Rights.Here at Nottoway Correctional facility our mother’s and sister’s was advised to take out their tampons and have them replaced with institution issued tampons,While the implementation date was for October 6,This was done 9/22/18…Be mindful that it may have been a year now that the V.D.O.C has just went through the most oppressive radical changes ever seen…Where prisoners are forced to adhere to a dress code that’s humiliating,feminizing,degradation etc,were made to wear small jumper’s and a pair of flip flops,and tight drawls…It’s dehumanizing, to the point where we can’t order food to eat anymore,correctional staff are overly aggressive in violating any privacy to the point the visiting room use to be crowded to now there’s so many seat’s open it look likes a ghost town…My younger sister came to visit me one time and hasn’t been back since!!!A lot of us are conscious and have seen such policies and result of them as with anything the overall objective is to create a security concern based on propaganda no physical evidence exist that statistics show and prove weapons,drug’s exist on a scale that justify this type of oppression and burden for individuals families, When the mail was taken from us,we was introduced to more j-pay pictures and stamp’s that cost real money,the posting up of video visitation start to pop up in housing unit’s..these people didn’t care about Saddam killing his people they care about black people killing each other,prison is not a solution…Occupation of foreign land as if the U.S is the world police is not a solution it’s all about the economic gain and conditioning of the masses that ensure a sure harvest and ruler ship by those who seek to emulate god,Who sees all???There’s no more privacy by way of our government, Prison and this 85% do the time has threatened the balance of nature and reversal of the roles of male and female hangs In the balance thats naturally passed to the child which is our future….What kind of future are we creating or allowing…. This mass manipulation most be exposed so we can began the healing process some may not make it but others will live,Cancer is a ugly for it most be stopped and so do our oppressors… All people,Black,White,Spanish, The time is now!!!People who started conversations about it were shipped to higher level prison’s and fear was passed down to the general population…And a literally correct term,we were coersed to accept this reality…This Hurt’s my soul and it cries it bleeds to wake and see the people on the out side of the prison more upset then the people in the prison who can summon family member’s to see them yet are to cowardice to protest government tyranny… Our beautiful Queen’s are leading The fight for justice and freedom and our men leading the fight for who can lay down the fastest!!! The law of sacrifice has been lost and miss understood and the foundation were laying is a early grave…..I appreciate the all those who struggle in the fight for righteousness and human dignity… And I salute all the strong women out there standing for something it sincerely saddens me to say that our men are lost and confused and are only preoccupied with pure folly and ignorance… Indeed money ain’t the root of all evil now attention is….By Travis Tucker 1091722
Nottoway corr center
p.o box 488 burkville va,23922
Quick add on,Global Warming is real and it’s not a coincidence when the people who are ruling the earth has the same level of respect for our Queens then he does for the planet…Are government promotes unnatural chemicals, Injections, pollution to make us feel beautiful,That is ultimately killing us because beauty comes from within and black is beauty… Black represent the origin of light and life that was spun into existence,Our physical planet is being polluted as well…This is because the natural order is peace,And the only who speaks it has been hidden and denatured and to be seen as a savage…But open your other set of eye’s and you’ll find a power inside of you as mightier than anything you can ever imagine!!!Rise you!!Rise!!!John chapter 34 verse 10…You was born to be a god why you living blind for???

Travis Tucker
DOC #1091722


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