Clarence Vie

by Clarence Vie

Greetings the world of writeings can be misunderstood.
This is a blog,like all the others i can tell you thing but your mential
Picture is some times off about prison.

A blog by clarence vie #392977.
I wrote a few things,but for what ever case i never had a response to
Anything i and my topics were on. Who cares about us inmates”right.
We have to find a way to keep our hair cut,cause there are to many of us
To stand in line for the institution to provide them.we eat food that is
Prepared for us,but a chow hall food isnt healthy,.but its thought sence
Its free,an other place;s in prison life shoes it is thought from socity
All our needs are handed down to us.its not true.
Look at it like onother address,or a country compared to tje city.
They have the same,but the city has more. This is the case when
Compareing free life to prison one.
Just look at the drug problem . Just last aug. 2018 in ross correctional
Institution there was one inmate who was infected ,and had to be
Taken to the hospitial,but over 18 staff inmates were infected,and had to be sent to be placed in medical situations.
I have empathy .and i am aware of this ‘how come the words readers
Cant respond to any of our prison inquiries.
Oh sure im aware of face book ,and social media the question is does
The world care or have time to notice those views i bring from prison.
Look at angelina j. Yea a good example to how she can bring balance
To her children,and keep the title of a humanatarian ,and work with people all! Over the world let alone this great nation.
Like i say you ,ever miss a good thing till its gone.
See on a small prison level stuff happen to us or in our family ,then we 9-11,oh yeah we all came together,but once it happens to
Another country we do like most undermind inmates hear at lancaster.

You know the younger generation an ohio’s finest c.officers speek
Differently.As ive said in the past,but there actions are childish as hell.
Even for a sufi muslim this is not exceptable.If a guy is wrong in the eye.s of the officer,they all ways seem to place the motion control In
The direction of the hole bock. Instead of the one person.kind of like
One i,mate fits all.
Like the world and in the world we are people too.With different ways
And styles.
So tell me who has time to read a blog.
Time to wonder about ohio parole system. I tell you its only purpose
Is job security. Make you jump through hoops then let you,and famIly
Down in the end.
Tell you to complete years of programs,only to promise a out date,but
To shut you down i,front of love ones,yes some times its granted to
Us then at the gate while family,an friends are in the parking lot its
Taken or stop on that respected,but hey! I am sure they are on
Drugs,and alcahol and just like most who kust dont have the time for
God let these places be made to take people away from there old life.
Then for order,and balance he lets use get our word out.
Funny thing happen to me.i lost a grand parent,and her sister,child ,and
Uncle.all were elders of mine.
There children mourn,but they never thought to spend time with them
before the death .see ive not had the simpathy by them let alone ive
Been gone longer then them that are dead. And i am not calling it a
Misplace in careing,but rather a fact of why cry now o er spilled milk.
I thought if you cry its cause your love has gone..i ha ent been visited
By them who cry,and im still out of there sites.
So is it true ,out of site out of mind.or you just cant find the time for
Empathy till a problem finds you.and you seek company then and then
Only will we stand with arms wide open.
This has been a blog by clarence vie#a392977d.o.b 4-5-65
Eds 7-16-2024 lancaster corrections

clarence vie
DOC #a392977d


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  1. Hello Clarence,
    I don’t think that it’s everyone that just ignores or doesn’t care about those that are incarcerated. Maybe it’s that inmates need the ‘right’ people to care about their incarceration, injustices or whatever
    may need to be ‘fixed’. I’m no expert by any means! But I am a belieber in Jesus Christ so I can only give that perspective. My suggestion would be to pray for God to put you and the other inmates’ blogs and concerns in front of the right people (mayors, senators, other governing officials, etc.), those that will pause and take action. There is so much happening in our world today and quite honestly no one person can fix everything. But that’s good because it’s why we must depend on God and not in our own strength. Only He can do what we never were intended to. I hope this finds you well. I may not read every blog post that I’m subscribed to but I try to read as many as I can to show support. Also, sometimes the purpose of things seeming slow to get rectified is because God is trying to show us something right where we are first. I don’t know any details and I don’t need to but I wanted to say that I read your post. Maybe you and the other inmates could check out mine any time you may need some encouragement/inspiration. Be well.


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