Kalob Gray

PRODUCT of the STATE By: Kalob Gray

Here I sit confined in solitudes sweet embrace,
wondering if I’m a victim of the Twilight Zone stuck forever in this place!!
I have a view of neon lights & people living life,
maybe this is part of my punishment for all of my strife?
I believe that I’ve seen the world through a haze..
blinded by the race like a mouse running through a maze!!
I’ve served only myself for all of my days,
unbeknownst to me happiness was the other way!
True understanding of life dwells within each of our hearts,
though different for each it’s where our own happiness starts!
I’d like to think all of my struggles were not in vain,
and that there’s time left to erase all of the pain!
Loyalty I gave to an unworthy cause was my downfall,
because of this choice I abandoned the ones that meant the most of all!!
Hindsight is always 20/20 yet nothing can change our yesterday’s,
the scars are deep and will never fade away!!
I’ve twisted & turned down this spiral of life’s destiny,
walked through madness while escaping the claws of insanity!!
Out of the darkness & into the light I now walk,
the man I once was left behind like a body outlined in chalk!
I carry my tattoos and scars for all the world to see,
not for the infamy or glory but because it’s forever part of me!
The future is a chapter unwritten by the hands of fate,
but I promise NEVER again will I be a PRODUCT of the STATE!!!

Kalob Gray
DOC #637-976

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