Michael Patterson

Introducing Michael Patterson

Hello, my name is Michael Patterson. I am a man that has been incarcerated for almost thirty-two years. I caught my case in December of 1986. I went to the county jail of Frankin County in January of 1987. I was convicted of aggravated murder in 1988. It was an acccident but the state didn’t see it as such. I was given a sentence of 30 yrs. to life, with 20 to 50. I entered prison on March 30, 1988. My parole board date is January 2033. I’m 57yrs. young and I’ve been incarcerated since I was 25. I am currently in the middle of implementing a Clemency.

From this format that has been made available to me I will express my thoughts, opinion, feelings on many things that directly or indirecly effect me. I will at times share poetry of mine and maybe even some of others. At those times when I do I will be sure to give the credit to whom it is due. I just want to talk about things. In talking about things I only ask that respect be given to anything that I say. Respect from me will “always” be given to anything said to me, even to the things that I may not agree with. In the process of this if someone wants to talk to me I can be reached through jpay.com. I may also be reached in this fashion:

Michael Patterson #202-297
5900 B.I.S. Rd.
Lancaster, Ohio 43130

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