James Kelly

MY JOB BY: James Kelly (aka: Difference)

I have a quote that says; “you have one job in this life, it’s to protect the people you love”

I have to just say that as I take the quote to mind, heart and soul. I have heavy guilt and regret. I have left my children with the burden of growing up with a dad in prison. Everyone thinks I had a rough life growing up. Well I can’t imagine just growing up my entire life with my dad in prison. I had the opportunty to meet my children a few times. But other than that I have been in prison their entire lives. So I have to belive that a power greater than me has a plan. As I have to realse them out of my control. The only way I can begin to rectify this situation is to get out and be there for tham. I just hope and pray that my children don’t let this mistake I made dictate their future. I just ask God to use it for good somwhow.
THank you that’s all I have.

James Kelly
DOC #59979


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