Sean Brown

Let’s Go by Sean Brown

What I’m looking for and what I need,
I’ve been searching for outside of Me.
What am I doing? Sitting in the mud, jeans all ruined,
Denim and dirt, fingernails bloody and broke trying to climb through it.
Sliding and falling, trudging through grimey, cold and wet.
This Mountain’s high and steep but I ain’t folding yet.
Crushing pressure as the weight increases almost buckling My knees,
Stumbling onward and upwards toward those shimmering beams
Of Light just beyond the Peak.
Faint glimmers caress My face at times brushing against My cheeks.
My Mind, yearning for it so bad I’m blind to everything outside of the Goal,
Wishing for what I thought I had so I can finally be Whole.
Jigsaw pieces of a ramshackle village,
Trying to fit it all together and raise a Sacred Image.
Determination, Patience, Transmutation, Liberation,
5-4-3-2-1… Activation.

Sean Brown
DOC #1083630


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