Derrick Givens

by Derrick Givens

i would like to post a verse from a rap song i wrote called ( fade away ) Derrick Givens age 43 intake/release 2005/2022. i’m originally from montgomery alabama but currently been residing in butler county which is hamilton ohio. i’m african american 5 foot 8 weigh 200 pounds even. i’m very out spoken,easy going, down to earth, open minded, zodiac sign is taurus the bull i’m gifted in writing poetry and in writing raps. i am a father of 2 and i am the eldest of 9 kids. my contact info is derrick givens 526-481 l.e.c.i. p.o. box 56 lebanon ohio 45036. the titile of this song is called ( fade away ) now i done reconstructed my life/ and i’ll rather be stuck by Christ/ then stuck by a knife/ touched with advice that i did embrace/ but i wished i could of shared it with my best friend Face/ he’s in a better place eventhough i still mourn/ as i dance to the sounds of my Father’s horns/ before i was born my life was predetermined/ now i’m like a child again watching and learnin/ i heard a good sermon from the book of Matthews/ i obey and worship God not men and statues/ now i ask you to follow the lead/ repent and jesus blessings you shall receive/ and blessed is the man who read get in the Word/ look at all the wisdom that you acquire in Proverbs/ and i prefer that you take that advice/ run with it and don’t look back like Lots wife/ hhhheeeeeyyyy when i’m gone/my name carries on/ smell me i’m very strong/ my flesh and bones will soon decay/ but memories of me will never fade away/ heeeyyyyy and when i’m gone/ by Derrick Givens at Lebanon Correctional Institution.

Derrick Givens
DOC #526-481

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