Eddie Tucker

bless with a curse pt.2 By Eddie Tucker

A felonious assault is a felony of the second degree that caries two to eighty. two being the minimum, eighty being the max. A intimidation is a felony of the third degree that caries one to three. with one being the minimum and three being the max. Oh and a RVO stands for repeat violence offender and it caries a mandatory ten years. That’s twenty- one years if I take it to trial, and thirteen years if I plea to something that never took place. I hired an attorney who never came and discuss my case with me, the courts said they offered me two years. but the attorney never told me of the two years, but said the courts wanted me to plea to a felony two with a psi. PSI stands for pre sentence investigation and that doesn’t help your case one bit, that goes back when and if you were ever in trouble as a kid. More to say the start of a criminal. twenty-one years if I go to trial; thirteen years if I plea guilty to the charges and prison time for pleading to the felony two with the PSI, the hell with the truth. When the courts said that they offered me two years, I quickly turn to my attorney and ask him about that. his words to me was, this was an open and closed case and I was going home. Right there was the first time I ever seen a motion in discovery and in that motion the victim said he was jumped from behind by unknown assailants, and I see a witness statement stating the victim told them who jumped on him.
Moreover; I was lied to and I took this case to trial thinking i would be going home, all that happened was a push and a punch. Now i am sitting there stund by the verdic, guilty on both counts and facing twenty-one years.
Well there was a lot of corruption to this case, from detectives; prosecutor’s; bail bondsman, to attorney’s. I was given five years for the folnious assault and three years for intimidation, both to be ran together which gives me a mandatory five years without any good days of getting out early. I am under nine months and hope to prove my innocence do to my departure.
take care and I want to thank you for taken the time to read my life. on that note, stay safe and beautiful.

Eddie Tucker
DOC #A714-396

I can be reached by jpay or this address.
P.O. Box 56
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

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