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“TRYING TO MAKE THE TRANSITION; The Prison System/Life of New York State vs. The Prison System/Life of The State of Ohio”, By JEFFREY TOBIAS

People tend to think that prison is prison no matter where you go, and I’m here to tell you that is EMPHATICALLY not true! I’m trying to make the transition from New York’s Prison System to Ohio’s Prison Institutions, and I’m here to tell you that it’s hard. The State of Ohio cares nothing about rehabilitation; Ohio only wants the money that it takes to house a prisoner. I just completed a 25yr. to Life sentence in the State of New York, and being a prisoner, I knew that Ohio’s system would be a “little” different, from New York’s, but boy was I wrong! The differences are polor opposites like Night vs. Day. These are not actual statistics, because I don’t have the necessary data to make an accurate analysis, but….there is nothing better than first hand experience.
Being a ward of the State the State is suppose to supple you with the necessities, such as: 3 meals a day, clothes, adequate medical treatment, and security (make sure no one is trying to cause you physical harm). Mind you, these aren’t the only things they’re suppose to do. Here in Ohio, they fall short on the aforementioned major three. The 3 meals a day, which before Airmart received the contract was palatable, is now what one would label HORRIBLE! I refuse to go eat a meal in the mess/chow hall; I’d rather eat the air before I eat the food they serve. Airmart pulled a Pataki on Columbus and the prison population, Pataki was the New York State Governor who won the election when I was in prison there; he tricked everyone that voted him into office, they conned the State by serving EXCELLENT meals when they were vying for the State’s contract, but as soon as they won the bid they started serving the “REAL” food on their menu, which is a diet that consists of a high volume of water “IN” every meal.
They serve us the pig slop and use these fake fund raisers to sell us some of the “good” food we were suppose to be getting for free in the first place. The rations they give us are laughable; their servings couldn’t fill a pre-teen. In New York, you receive 3 scoops of rice while here in Ohio, we receive 1 scoop. Their motto is, “Only Feed Them Enough To Keep Them Alive.” The rice is always “running water rice” because it’s always running water, which is something that resembles rice soup; it’s not quite soup, but it isn’t quite rice either and it’s always mushy.
Everybody around the globe knows that bread and water has always been the foundation of a prison meal, and if nothing else, you were guaranteed 12 slices a day, 4 at each meal. Well, now they refuse to give you the 4 slices; they only give you 2, and if they catch you with 4, they have the nerve to write you a misbehavior report for Stealing State Property! And if they catch you outside of the mess/chow hall with it, they’ll charge you with Smuggling and Stealing State Property. Now, ask yourself can you smuggle, or steal something that is rightfully yours? No! They’ll do that for the 2 slices that they GIVE you as well. When I was housed at Lorain, a reception/intake institution, I observed the Airmart workers run low on spaghetti sauce and two of them went and retrieved a bucket of water and pour the water into the sauce and continue serving the food without a second thought. They didn’t even try to conceal what they were doing; they did it right in front of everyone, so I can’t even say that I observed them because that gives off the impression that I witnessed something that I wasn’t suppose to see, like they were part of some type of covert/clandestine operation.
The State clothes they wear in New York, are green; the State clothes they wear in Ohio, are blue. The difference between the two is that New York, supplies you with actual “REAL” pants with pockets, while here in Ohio, they give you hospital scrubs with no pockets. In New York, they have State issued Red Cap pants (free); here in Ohio, they sell you the Red Cap pants and shirt for $20.00 apiece. In New York, you receive a pair of sneakers and a pair of boots for the winter; here in Ohio, you only received a pair of tennis shoes. In New York, you’re allowed to get brand new socks, boxers, and t-shirts every 90 days; here in Ohio, you’re only allowed to receive new ones every year.
The medical treatment in the two systems are even different. Eventhough New York’s medical treatment isn’t that great, but it’s still better than Ohio’s! To sign up for sick call in New York, it’s free; to sign up in Ohio, it’ll cost you $2.00. They’ll prolong the treatment so you’ll have to keep complaining and there for have to keep signing up to be looked at. Ohio could visibly see a broken bone protruding from one of your extremities and still not send you to the outside hospital.
If the victims of sexual assaults seen how their perpetrators lived in here, some prisons in New York, but all the prisons here in Ohio, they would’ve hired a hit man to kill them instead of sending them to prison! These fucking prisons cater to child molesters, pedophiles, and rapists. Nothing bad happens to them anymore! In Attica Correctional Facility, in New York, if you had any type of inappropriate behavior surrounding a child, or minor, your “ASS” was literally out!! You would be viciously raped by a crew of “Booty Bandits” every time you stepped out of your cell. If the right C.O. was on duty they would let them in your cell. And that still holds firm to this day in 2018. Here in Ohio, the C.O.’s make them their porters and protect them at all cost because they might be giving them information. It’s disgusting! I’ve never indulged in any form of homosexual behavior in prison, or in the streets, but that’s a necessary evil that should take place. Until next time, Jeffrey Tobias #A704109. I can be reached via JPay; go to your app store on your mobile device.

Jeffrey Tobias
DOC #A704109


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