Anthony Waters

ON MY MIND by Anthony L.Waters


Penitentiary and family so heavy on my mind,
At times I feel like I’m just living to die,
Zoned out listening to Boosie Boo.

Even though my mind here my body gone,
Nobody understand what really goes on,
When I was thinking in a two man cell alone,
My whole life flashed before my eyes,
Evil spirits talking to my mind,
The only thing that really got me through,
Is the love they got for me,
With the love that I got for them too.

Can’t sleep at night so I’m up until the day light,
Day dreaming at the pictures of my family on my tablet,
Missing my mother,brothers,sisters,
Relatives,smoke partners and my road dawgs.

My everlasting love,
My sweet simple touch,
My shooting stars,
I am gone love them if they are near or far.

I know that it’s been awhile,
Since they cracked a smile,
Amongst each other they shedding tears like a crocodile,
My life been spicey but now its mild,
Plenty of times I wanted to throw in the towel,
My family ain’t picture perfect,
But they worth it.

Sitting back thinking about the things that they use to do,
Delia,Tena,John and Brian,
I know the pain that they go through.

As I look back and think about lonely nights and crazy days,
Many times it wasn’t enough food,
Yet we knew our fate,
Big sis help me blow out candles on my birthday cake,
Momma worked so hard to serve a hot plate,
Standing in the sun without no shade,
Praying that God will soon make away.

From the light in the living room,
I watch my momma shed tears,
Holding a bible looking out the window at crescent moon,
Now I’m fuel with fumes,
Because God took away my angel to damn soon.

Wishing I am wrapped in her warmed arms,
Momma wipped away the puddles in my eyes when the tears formed,
Brian trapped in a damn storm,
No I wasn’t the best son,
Tena and Delia is back close together,
It’s almost everyday now they talk to each other,
Big bro still having a hard time to cope,
It aint easy when u see your big brother losing hope.

The waves to the Waters is gone,
The water is rising and we struggling just to hold on,
I’m doing time by myself and I’m all alone,
I’m just happy baby momma letting me help her raise my kids over the jail phone,
Never met some of my nephews and nieces,
Seen pictures of them and it broke me into trillion pieces,
Doing this state penitentiary time,
September fifteen,twentyeighteen this is on my mind,
Drinking coffee,
Praying while trying to keep the devil off me…

peace to the true and living

DOC #720-786


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