Walter Johnston lll

Ohio Prison Life by Walter Johnston

My name is Walter Lee Johnston. I have been locked up for 8 years in Ohio prisons and I have under 2 years left. When people think of prisoners there first thoughts are heartless deranged people. But let me tell you I have ran across some of the most down to earth smart talented people I will ever probably ever meet. This prison stay has thought me a lot and really opened my eyes to a lot of things. I am so close to getting out and I am a little nervous but all in all I am ready. I am going home to Athens Ohio. Its one of the poorest most drug ridden places in Ohio. But If I stick to my plans and walk a narrow path. Then i will be OK. I have come across alot of good men in prison a lot that is never going to set foot out side these walls. A lot of them should be given a 2 and chance but the parole board has such strict guidelines they will never be free. It takes a certain type of man to come thru these gates and keep his wits about him its not a place for the weak minded. Since coming to prison 8 long years ago it has changed dramatically. I can say this its a lot safer for the people it shouldn’t be safe for namely the child molesters and rapist. Hell they get less time than drug offenders. Its just not right. Prison is all about what gang your on hell its all just one big gang. You used to have your black gangs (bloods, crips, folks. Your white gangs Aryan brotherhood. and skinheads. Now you have a lot of mixed gangs the Certified wild boys and your konvicted family. And I can’t forget the gang that are in a class of there own the convicted felons there the fastest growing gang in Ohio from cleveland. You. cant live in prison safely without being in a gang. Its like an unspoken law lol. But all prisons are different so are a lot tougher ( Lebanon, Mansfield, and Ross) there all level 3 and then you have your level 2 prisons (Landcaster, Noble and Chillothie ) Ohio has more prisons per capa than any state in the USA. but were one of he smallest crazy right. Ohio will lock you up over anything most of the people in here are drug addicts that should be in a program not in prison. This has been a very big learning experience I am ready to walk out these gates and become a whole man again. I. would probably sell my story to a big book firm or some film director I have seen a lot of fucked up shit this prison stay some of it people shouldn’t see. I wonder if I could get National Geographic to follow me around for my first 6 months out ! Well I am going to leave you for now. If out want to talk and share thoughts and Ideas I am always free its not like I am going anywhere lol…
You can contact me at… just type in my info Walter Johnston # a646880
Or Po Box 120 Lebanon. oh 45036
I am an avid writer and Typer always looking for some one to talk to about all types of tbings. Can and will send photo when we make contact well I hope to hear from you soon whoever you are till next time…..

Walter Johnston
DOC #a646880

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