Courtney Thompson

Introducing Courtney Thompson

hello my name is Courtney Thompson, I’m 32 years old and I am from Cincinnati Ohio. in 2005 my codefendant I were accused of a double shooting in to where one man died. for this we both received a 19 year prison sentence, in 2010 I received for an additional 2 years added to my original 19 year sentence for a weapons (knife) charge which landed me with a total of 21 years altogether. since then I worked diligently to change the man I was. I have entered and completed multiple programs to assist me in my road to recovery. not only did I obtain my GED but I also have a diploma in forensic science and completed 240 hours and became certified to clean biohazard material. I am currently looking into starting a nonprofit organization which would help tutor, mentor and motivate young men to follow their dreams. upon my release plan to volunteer at an local recreation center where in can become a assistant coach in multiple sports to help keep the young men off and out the streets. prison can change people for best and the worst, thankfully it changed me for the best and now all I want to do is help young men not make the mistakes I make but to encourage them to take control.of their life’s and become whatever they wan to be.

release date 9-9-2026.

Courtney Thompson #528-739.
Lebanon corrections institution
p o box 56
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

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