Eddie Tucker

Bless with a curse pt.1 By Eddie Tucker

Days turns into months, months turns into years and time continues to past me by. all alone wishing to had someone that would listen and understand the situation, five years of my life has been strip of me by unclean hands. Yet i still remain strong, while holding my head high. But what a judicial system we have. What type of person make up a story and testifies to that lie on the stand? Do you know that lie was rewarded first months rent and deposit from the states pocket! Each and every day we’re given hot topics on the corruption in the white house. But the courts seems to be getting away with breaking all the rules. My sentence was a favor to the prosecutor, my freedom was being plotted against while the pepper work sat on the attorney’s desk. I sit in this cell watching everyone leave and come back from speaking with they’re attorney’s about they’re case, my court date is tomorrow and no one comes to discuss what’s going to happen with me and I’m looking at twenty- one years for a lie being told.
I hold the proof in black and white for my innocents, but yet I’m still being ignored. audio tapes of being threaten, attorney has my witness going to sit with the prosecutor to listen to the my recordings. While at trial I was found guilty for felonious assault and intimidation of a witness.

Eddie Tucker
DOC #A714-396

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