Steven Butler

WERE KINGS—By Steven Butler

A king, I was in the days of the old…respected..royolaty..with the wealth of diamonds,rubies and covered in the purest of gold,,born in the light of lifes great jungle-roaming as a lion in the lands…rebelling against the soils of the societies imprisoned plantation…as my queen stands powerless from the strength of my organized welfare…broken hearted… hated…and isolated the psychological grace of my histories birthright….
sols the heitage of my identity to the chapters of struggle… to the land of lustrous snowy pigmentation…breathing the pollution of manifested mutation manipulation…killing…destroying…and murdering the strength of my royalty… my queens dream for the seeds of…priority…now a mystery, inprisoning my mind to live in this land of hard soil;
as white demons run around without thier mask-destroying the existence of my fore-fathers’s creation to exceed…suceed…achieve…in deeds of wealth and health through histories mystery. my queen stands alone in the jungle of my home ;rebelling against this great white country that has stolen her kings tone…throne…bones…
A power to fulfill her darkest pleasures of the hights as she lay hopelessly isolated in captivity…dreaming…praying…an pleadingly waiting for the return of my grace…my face… to continue our race. still…
A king i am on the soil of this imprisoned plantaion, struggling through the chapters of manipulation tostrenghten my seeds for the queens dream to be fulfilled…existing… manifesting…an empowering the loyalty of their royalty from the days of old;that has stolen my identity on the day i was born
I bow to endure the demons imprisoned as i live in this land of hard soil “and still”, i remain the lion that roams the land of this life great jungle…existing…an respected….

Steven Butler
DOC #536396

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