Save Me From Legal Slavery, By Robert Cassidy

Prisons are the modern day plantations,
We went from fields to fences with cages,
Less running or places to chase us ,
No ropes to hang us so they beat us with clubs and mace us,
Believe me I know this place sounds dangerous,
The only question is how can they maintain us ?

Probably because their the one’s who train us ,
Yet we remain brainless they still hate us ,
This is the picture they frame up then hang up ,
(Not from trees) Now they go to court to hang us,
It’s so bad they got non believer’s praying for changes ,

This system is shameless and only wants to keep us nameless ,
So the youth are locking up B’s or C’s it seems less painless ,
Now their not nameless their labeled as bangers ,
Wonder why all our father’s are strangers ? (Look around)
See all the familiar faces (Yes) now their just different ages .
It’s been happening for ages our system has disgraced us.
Please lord do not forsake us .

Robert Cassidy
DOC #732-244

Categories: law, Robert Cassidy

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