Anthony Longo

Life at lebanon by: Anthony Longo

Lebanon is not like any other prison, its considerd displinary but they take it to the extent here. They talk reckless too you and if you talk back you may get beat ,and when i say beat they beat you off camers with the sticks and throw you in a cell till you heal up, they mace you and look for reasons to mess with you… It has roaches and micem this place is barely standing, it makes you bitter , but i really try not to be bitter and stay focused on getting out in 2020.. they put you in l.p.h. if your affraid for your life and dont help you at all, this place should be shut down and codemmed ,but they make ohio licence plates here and we all know its about money in the end….its hard to be positive in a place thats cruel and constantly degrading you,i wont let my family see me like this, im locked in a cell 22 hrs a day and treated like crap,not everybody here are peices of crap…i cant wait to put this behind me and i hope to help ppl never go through this type of life cause this is not where you want to be, my cell is not even fit for 2 ppl thats how small it is, let alone ishare it with roaches and mice.. txt and driving was a big mistake and i will never do it again.. i hope to help ppl and become productive once out , i been gone 6 yrs and april 2020 is coming, i just hope i can make it …? you have to be mentally strong here but everyday is a struggle when c.o are looking to beat you down… thank you for letting me vent… anthony longo #641-313 lebanon correctional inst 56 lebanon ,ohio 45036 or at http://www.jpay .com p.s. picture enclosed…

Anthony Longo
DOC #641-313

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