Mordecia Black

Introducing Mordecia Black

first off my name is,Mordecia black #723650 my contact info is, Mordecia black # 723650,L.e.c.I,p.o.box56,lebanon ,ohio 45236, I’ve been locked up since,7-15-15 , my release date is 1-5-25 at this time,I’m 31 years old my birth date is 1-21-87, a little about me is family and God is one of my biggest life goals,because with out them two things first we have noting in my opinion, most people want instant gratification when it comes to life today, but to be good or perfect at anything you must work at it, I’m big on loyalty,me like most people chose the wrong people to be loyal to and that’s a shame but loyalty like love I will never give up on.

Mordecia Black
DOC #723650


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